Resilience, as a concept, integrates two important design strategies - sustainability (material, energy use, financial, and social), and universality (the space can accommodate ambulatory and impaired mental or physical facilities).  Not only should a resilient structure aim to minimize its use of natural resources, but should enable it's usefulness to be maintained over the life of the building.  Resilience requires an astuteness about the possibilities of architecture, as well as understanding the larger societal, technological, ecological and political spheres within which that architecture exists and it's inhabitants live.  In this manner, resilience needs to grapple with larger re-affirmations of or contradictions within culture at large.  R/A/D is excited by resilience.  As a collaboratively focused design studio, R/A/D believes that tackling these larger issues helps make better architecture and us better architects and designers (and, hopefully, gives our clients the best product possible).