Prefabrication, sometimes called Modular Building, Modular Architecture, or Industrialized Architecture is an alternate construction system which utilizes off-site construction to minimize overall construction time.  The goals of prefabrication are to deliver a better product in a shorter period of time than a traditional construction process. Not only does prefabrication offer tighter tolerances and a reduced construction schedule, but it also aids in minimizing construction waste by minimizing transportation of materials and off-cuts.  Difficulties in this approach exist within the special attitude toward construction and logistics that a good design can yield.  Thinking through how the modules fit together and how the building's infrastructures "jump" these splices is a level of detail and consideration more akin to the tight systems integration of industrial design, but if done right...this level of consideration yields a quicker to install building and a design sensibility about craftsmanship and a tight consideration of how the parts relate to the whole.  We at R/A/D love prefabrication and have been lucky to have been involved in not only a number of design proposals utilizing prefabrication, but also a wide range of completed (or almost completed) projects including: a university child care center for CUNY; bathrooms, life guard stations, and parks police offices for NYC Parks; a disaster relief housing prototype for the NYC Office of Emergency Management, a private house, and a hotel in Wiliamsburg.